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Tips to choose rugs for the living room

Rugs play a huge part in contributing to the room's overall look. One must consider the texture, color, style, size, and weave of a rug while choosing it for your living space. The right rug may stay in your home for decades. Therefore, while buying an area rug for your living room, consider the following tips:

Material of the rug

As we know, living rooms are the heavily used rooms. This area gets more traffic than others. Therefore, choosing durable rugs like fully woolen rugs or cotton flat-weave rugs will serve the purpose. These rugs are stain-resistant and thick enough to give a feel of warmth to the surrounding.

Make rug, the hero

If you want to make a real statement with a rug to steal the show, start with a hand-woven rug and then build the room around it. It's a fact that a rug adds a pleasing aesthetic to a space. Find a rug that matches the existing color scheme. To achieve a harmonious look, it's best to pick a rug with a milder design and color for the living room, which can also complement the decor.

Limited mobility, a considering factor

Choose a low-pile handwoven rug if you have somebody in your home with limited mobility. These are also ideal for households with young children, who tend to dash from one room to the next without considering tripping hazards or changes in the floor's surface. Cotton rugs, however, are often the best choice for homes with children. However, they do not have the look and feel of woollen rugs.

Size of the rug

Choosing the right size rug for the living area is not that difficult. A too-small rug will create a disconnected, fragmented look, while a too large rug will overwhelm the space. The best way to consider the best fit rug for your living room is to see the shape of the seating area. Choose a square rug if your seating space is square. Select a rectangular rug if your seating area is rectangular.

These tips will help you to choose the best-suited rug for your house. With these tips, deck out your living room this new year with beautiful Pura Vida rugs and carpets.

Natural wool carpets and rugs

They are in contrast with your chic interiors and also sync with the printed curtains. They are luxe pieces that transform your space with simplicity by adding an earthy combination to your space with its colors (grey, white, cream, black) and giving a natural vibe to your home. Buy your natural and simplistic rug or carpet from here

Forever wool carpets

Want to flick your basic room into a classy look? These forever wool carpets help you attain that. PuraVida's "forever wool" carpet collection is made with wool obtained from New Zealand, providing effortless style to any room with its soft knots and designs. Buy our forever wool collection from here.

Loft Loops Wool Carpets and Rugs

Loft loops carpets are perfect for covering your office or living space with extra warmth. During the winters, these carpets will entice you to sneak a snuggle on them. The carpets are thick and hand-woven by the weavers of Bikaner. You can check out the variety over here.

Wonder wool carpets

These wonder carpets give a soothing royal look and a calm vibe that syncs with the simplicity of the rugs. They are hand-woven and have all the features one can ask for while investing in woollen rugs. The varying hues and patterns add to the appeal of these carpets. Buy wonder woolen carpets from PuraVida’s collection from here.

Be on the lookout for our upcoming collections of throw cushions, sofa throws, and more, with vibrant colors and designs.

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