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Relevance of Carpets and Rugs for Hospitality

As you speak of carpet and rugs, it reminds you of the exuberance and richness it symbolizes. Carpets have been an indispensable part of the modern era. However, do you know that it has been related to human beings for ages?

India saw a boom in the carpet weaving industry after it was introduced by the Mughal emperor Akbar in durbars which lacked the grandiose and luxury of the Persian courtrooms. Persia was a famous hub of carpet making in those days, and carpets were exported to all parts of the world.

When amalgamated with Indian craftsmanship and design, carpets became a symbol of luxury globally. As the kings traveled, they popularised the use of carpets in durbars and makeshift tents. It was also used as a gift to maintain a global alliance with other nations.

So, when you speak of carpet, luxury and fine works always come to mind. As time progressed, and people started spending more on travel and hospitality, many hotels and famous chains spread globally started adopting high-quality carpets and rugs throughout their properties to induce a higher and more receptive sense of hospitality towards its guests.

Suppose you are a guest and visit a particular hotel for a vacation. You will not remember the doors, windows, curtains and other things. But, you will remember the plush comfort beneath your feet that led to silent footsteps and smoothness. This is how carpets and rugs become extremely important in the hospitality industry.

We, at PuraVida, have mastered the craft of carpet and rug manufacturing for more than 90 years now. The products from our local artisans in Bikaner and Jaipur come with fine craftsmanship and an exquisite design specially hand-curated for you and your loved ones.

Here are the top five reasons to establish the importance of carpets and rugs for hospitality:

1. The presence of carpets and rugs in the surroundings soothes the ambiance. It provides a comfortable environment and acts as a safety net for people of all ages, especially kids and elderly people. It also helps prevent joint pain and back injuries in the long run. They also reduce the echoing capacity of sound in the space, giving comfort to people nearby from unnecessary noise and enhancing the overall hospitality of the place. Manufactured from the best raw materials worldwide, PuraVida promises to provide a hand-curated carpet for your place like the one you never had.

2. The hospitality sector suffered a severe brunt of the panic induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hotels and restaurants reopened after a brief period, but people did not return due to the fear of catching the virus. As things get back to normal, people adapt to the "new normal." In the wake of this, the sector plans to introduce new reforms in the infrastructure that would keep the business flourishing with a more significant customer base. To make a memorable experience, what's better than opting for a luxury carpet that someone could remember you by?

3. Carpets and rugs give the guests a personal touch of "care." It shows that you care about people, about their well-being and experience. It relaxes people visiting you and gives them a sense of serenity underfoot. The wall-to-wall carpets can make the ambiance warm and welcoming, which enhances the customer experience at your place. PuraVida's high-quality carpets and rugs also provide durability for the clients, ensuring long-term appearance retention.

4. Worried about which color of carpet to choose? You can play with colors depending on your choice. With our diverse collection of carpets and rugs in various designs, sizes, and color options, you can never have enough of them. You choose the carpet after deciding if it goes with the wall color or the furniture to give a more rejuvenated vibe to the room. We have it all in our kitty, from hand-embossed impressions to vintage ones, globular and forever wool.

5. Quality carpet and rugs also help protect your floor from any damage caused by abrasion. It prevents the scratches caused by moving furniture or heavy objects on the floor. It absorbs dust from the environment, which can be easily cleaned at one's convenience. It makes the air safe to breathe and keeps pollutants away. The carpets from PuraVida save ample cleaning time, making it an easy process altogether.

When choosing the finest quality rugs and carpets, you can trust PuraVida to up the interior décor game of the hospitality space. Undoubtedly, with our finest work and intricate designs, you will fall in love with our fashionable carpets. Click on the link to buy from us.

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