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Carpets trends that are ruling 2022

Are you looking to change the home décor and are bored of seeing the same pattern everywhere? But, you are not sure about where to start making the changes first. Then, we suggest starting it from your house's floors, an understated style statement. We have got you all sorted if you are looking forward to revamping your place's look and searching for the trendiest carpets from 2022.

Carpets are an essential part of furnishing, integrating luxury and comfort seamlessly. With varieties of patterns coming in the market every day, you must choose the one best suited for your home, which speaks of you as a person. Just when you return to your home after a hectic and tiring day of work, these comfortable furnishings surrounding you give a sense of relaxation and "being home" in the truest sense. Imagine yourself with a cup of coffee on that long evening, comforting yourself with the richness of high-end carpets under your feet and your pet on it! You could already sense the vibe. Isn't it?

Select from high-quality carpet options, ranging from neutral color palettes to brighter hues, from lighter and the plusher ones. The eclectic designs by Pura Vida from the royal lands of Rajasthan offer you an extra advantage of easy customization in the carpets of your choice. Give your home a stylistic edge by selecting premium quality carpets and rugs that adds to the boldness and caters to increasing the poise of your place.

The trendy collections confirm the modern needs and, still carrying a touch of luxury, mesmerize admirers with their eye-catching looks.

Here are some stylish carpet collections from 2022 that you can consider for your home-

Sustainable Eco-Couture

As people are becoming progressively conscious of their actions towards the environment, the most remarkable trend in the carpet industry comes from choosing all sustainable. Sourced from the elements of nature, the sustainable eco-couture by Pura Vida provides a sense of calmness and a plush feeling beneath the foot. It is never too much to boast about your contribution to Mother Earth by relaxing the aura surrounding you.

Artisanal Carpets

One common theme that will pave its way throughout 2022 will be the artisanal handmade carpets. Made from the hands of local artisans provides exquisite value to the craftsmanship. The aesthetic it carries is incomparable to any contemporary design giving greater positivity to your room. Going for artisanal carpets employs the local skilled people and gets you the best from the masters of art for ages.

Patterned Prints

The need for patterned vintage rugs, which found prominence in the royal grandeur of palaces, and meeting rooms of Rajas and Maharajas, is growing every passing day. While the patterned prints were less preferred due to their resemblance to older carpets and rugs earlier, the times have changed now. The charm of classics is back in demand nowadays. The rich pattern of the old appearances will become trendier in 2022 and in years to come.

Neutral Tones

With people becoming overly conscious of their color preferences, one straight option to go for this season is a "neutral palette." The soothing effect of the neutrals like soft pink, cream, mocha, and smoked can go with any room's colors and aesthetics. The safest thing about neutral-toned carpets is that even though there is a lack of variety in colors, the underlying hues change with different lighting throughout the day and night.

Oh, So Light Carpet

The light carpet ranges are garnering massive popularity amongst the millennials who don't want to overdo surfacing the floor. The light-weighted carpet by Pura Vida provides ease in washing, and portability, unlike the heavy ones that are a bit difficult to be handled. Made of supersoft materials like wool or viscose, they can provide a definitive look to your flooring by the mere presence. The look creates sophistication and beauty and gives a more contemporary feel to the room's aura.

Flurry Carpets

The richness of flurry carpets in any room is always eye-catching, and it provides a plush vibe with the presence and comfort level. They form a genre of imaginative carpet for people adoring minimalism. The woven designs can be easily used in the bedroom, near a sofa, and in hallways to provide extra warmth and improve the overall aesthetic.

Knit Fits

The knitted form of carpet and rugs is something that is loved worldwide. If you don't want to involve yourself in thinking much about the looks, durability, or quality, you must choose knit-fit carpets confidently. The designs by Pura Vida are a go-to option that serves contemporary needs and simplicity. They provide you a brownie point by withstanding heavy traffic and lasting long.

As carpets are more durable and long-lasting, they do not have to be changed frequently. Sometimes, a single preference for a carpet on the floor lasts for generations. The presence of carpet in the room can change the feeling in its entirety, so it is necessary that one carefully chooses the trend to go for in the season.

Pura Vida finds its roots dating back to 70 years, catering to the local populace with livelihood and a world stage to showcase their carpet weaving talent.

What's better than choosing from the masters themselves?

Shop your favorite rugs, carpets, and furnishings trends for 2022 from the hand-curated collection at Pura Vida to bring home the design choice you have been eyeing. Visit the link to shop and know more about our carpet collection.

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