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Who we are

Pura Vida Carpets an exclusive carpets and home furnishings brand which is now available in India. New in terms of naming & space, Pura Vida Carpets is one of the leading export manufacturing label with the roots etched firmly in rural India.

The collection at Pura Vida Carpets is not picked from the trendsetters but the label is an absolute trend creator with the thoughtful selection carefully picked from the best of designs developed with natural wools and other natural fibers woven into hand-tufted and handwoven rugs after scrutiny by the renowned designers associated with our label.

Our brand label Pura Vida brings to your home the diversity just like our country – we present to you the naturals yet modern rugs, the contemporary and Scandinavian carpet collections with the upbeat accessories like poufs, cushions, stools and charpai.

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