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The future of carpet is –Customization!

Imagine shifting to a new home with contemporary furnishing, décor, appliances, and all you dreamt of for a cozy-looking place. You think of buying yourself a carpet that matches the place's aesthetic. You search online, go to a shop, and scroll through various products. As soon as you think of finalizing it, you speculate that the carpet might not fit your room, and it is either too small or big or somewhere in the middle. You are left hassled.

In a world full of trends, you see people buying the same item in bulk, and you want something classier and more curated as per your choice.

The solution to all your problems is PuraVida.

Do not get worried! We have sorted the situation for you with one of PuraVida's specialties unoffered anywhere else- Customization!

Yes, with our unique customization feature, you can place an order for your favorite set of rugs and carpets as per your design preference and size options.

Need for Carpet Customization

Unique Designs for Every Room- It caters to the customers' specific designs and color schema. Every member of the house may have their palette preferences. One design may not work out for the entire place. Customization will come in handy in such cases.

  • No Repetitions- You invite a friend over to your place for a cup of coffee, and they say they have the same carpet from a similar online site. It gets awkward, right? With bulk manufacturing, you might be encountering similar problems everywhere. With a customized rug, this will not be an issue anymore!

  • Made to Measure- As these carpets are specially created for you, the measurements can be tweaked as per the specification of your room.

  • Luxury vibe- Imagine possessing a high-quality carpet that every guest appreciates. An exquisite floral furnishing like the PuraVida carpets gives the grandeur to your house like no one else.

  • Handmade for you- The eclectic designs will be specially curated by our experienced local artisans with lots of love, especially for you.

Customization is a trend in the coming days. While the clothing sector has already made a massive leap toward customized segments offering designs, colors, and sizes of your choice, the furnishing, and home décor sector is still walking its way forward.

Gone are those days when there were limited pieces of drapes, sofa sets, table lamps, carpets, or rug options, and one could exercise little choice of action. With the technological advancement that the world is seeing, it is necessary that the sector, too, maintains a competitive edge and gives a plethora of options to clients to choose from.

Besides, the range of carpets and rugs in a home are definitive of the feels and vibrance that the house carries. When created to match your needs, the piece will make the aesthetic even more adaptive and comfortable.

A good-made to-measure carpet will improve the looks of your house, and it will also absorb sounds from echoing. The surface cushioning makes the floor strenuous-free for children and old age people.

The world of customization has an immense opportunity, and the team of PuraVida cannot be prouder enough to be among the first set of companies to enter the customization market in the field of carpets and rugs for all our valuable customers distributed across the globe. Being a traditional woolen carpet manufacturer for years, we have the expertise to curate that perfect look for your home.

How Can You Choose to Customize?

  1. Select the design you would like us to work upon

  2. Visit the link to fill out all necessary details

  3. After successfully submitting the form, stay assured. Someone from our team will get back to you.

PuraVida deals in handwoven carpets, rugs, and furnishings shipping in India and worldwide. With our style range varying from New Zealand wool bloc design rugs to soft and luxurious Globulars, 100 % viscose sourced Marasim, and a wide choice of luxury carpets, we have been the masters in the business; for over 90 years now!

Start ordering your favorite design and order that one carpet of your dreams customized with love at PuraVida.

Visit us at the link here and drop in your queries for more information

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