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This spring season transform your home with bold rug trends

Do you know that rugs with bold designs have been popular since the time of the Maharajas?

Bold-designed rugs are one of the most beautiful items dating back to the reigns of kings,

queens, Raja-Maharajas, and others. To enhance the décor of the palaces they lived in, they

always use rugs in the main halls and rooms.

Now, with the modern developments and changing house sizes people have decreased their

requirements to the point that they are using small rugs instead of these enormous ones.

With more people being involved in the designs, they now have a variety of options. For

example, if we believe that basic rugs are unable to improve the overall appearance of our

houses, then bold Rugs will be the solution. They play a perfect role in enhancing the look and

giving us the perfect vibe as well as protecting our home.

Always remember while choosing a bold rug keep other surrounding colors neutral. A room

with many colors will look to be excessively busy. Rugs tend to obstruct a significant portion of

the field of vision. It is easy to go over with color when using a bold rug. The effective approach

is to choose more neutral colors for the other major pieces of the room. For example, if you

have a bold rug in your sitting area, go with a grey sofa and cream-colored furniture.

Of course, you do not want the rest of the space to be monotonous. Bold rugs will enhance a

room that is full of neutral shades. You should, however, consider which elements of the decor

are neutral and which are bold. For example, you can choose a chair that matches the rug's

intensity while keeping the rest of the furniture neutral.

How to style a bold rug?

With the arrival of the spring season. It is an exciting time for just about anything, but one thing

that is worth doing for the upcoming season is a spot of decorating.

We can mix and match decor pieces such as lamps, curtains, central tables, and other things to

create a completely new design for our living space. Despite common belief, finding the perfect

rug does not have to be limited to the winter season. Changing out the accessories in your

home for more spring and summer-friendly choices is an easy approach to freshening the whole


This spring season, say goodbye to deep velvet colors blankets, and dark bedding, and welcome

to fading stripes, bold florals prints, pastel tones, and boldly designed rugs from PuraVida

collections. No piece does a better job of integrating space in your home than a stylish bold

piece of rug. This often-overlooked essential defines a space while also connecting the rest of

the room's decor.

Have you noticed how many saturated-color rugs are increasingly making an appearance on the

floors of our favorite interiors? If you are all into seasonal home renovations, here are some

lighter, more refreshing spring and summer rug trends for you and you can check PuraVida's

best luxurious rugs collection to give your home a completely new vibe.

Bold rug design trends

Bold rugs are useful for framing a seating area, texturizing a bedroom, or bringing various

elements of a space together. Trendy rugs with bold patterns and motifs give depth and texture

while also improving other perceptions by enhancing acoustics and adding warmth. They are an

excellent base point for creating a room with a well-balanced mix of colors and styles.

Rugs are wonderful for breaking up any form of austerity with flooring. PuraVida gives you

many choices to choose a perfect rug carefully and add a touch of spring to every season with a

beautiful floor rug that complements a variety of home designs.

Use bold rugs in small rooms

Spring is a season of color and creativity, so it is no surprise that many new patterns will make

an appearance in the design world, but that does not mean you cannot incorporate them into

your tiny house.

Bold Patterned rugs are ideal for bedroom rug ideas since they work well in compact spaces.

Whereas a busy design on the wall may be overwhelming, placing a rug on the floor with a bold

pattern will add interest without overwhelming the space.

In small rooms, we generally prefer boldly patterned or brightly colored rugs because they liven

themselves up when you bring something unexpected and strong.

Lay down smart stripes

A smart stripe, whether wide or narrow, is a classic pattern that, like floorboards, visually

elongates and widens a room. When the first collections hit the market about ten years ago,

striped floor coverings were introduced into homes in a rather tentative manner.


Stripes were initially restricted to high-traffic areas, such as stairs, due to their dirt-defying

nature, but their popularity is now spreading. Taking cues from the fabric world, where stripes

abound; flooring has caught up and now offers a far greater variety of designs than ever before.

Staircase rug ideas with stripes make a design statement as soon as you walk in the door, but

they do not have to be limited to this area. More people are developing the confidence to

experiment with various breadths and scales throughout the home, ranging from broad to

ticking and pencil stripes.

For living room rug ideas, wall-to-wall broad stripes work well, and people are far more eager to

explore with breadth and scale. You can layer elements on top to soften the look while still

keeping the space bright and colorful.


Create a sense of calm with neutral tones

If you enjoy minimalism, you will be delighted to know that rugs to spruce up with neutral

tones are here to stay.

Choosing a rug with a traditional base note will add calmness to your living room ideas. A

neutral color is also a wise investment because of its versatility and longevity, which adds value

to your home. It will also make it easier to coordinate the flooring in different rooms – with a

neutral palette, anything goes – allowing you to mix plains and subtle patterns while

maintaining a consistent flow throughout the house.

Make a statement underfoot with rug tiles

Bold patterned rugs were once thought to be the domain of pubs and hotels, chosen for their

ability to absorb stains and spills rather than as a key design detail. New designs are raising the

bar for wall-to-wall patterned rugs these days.

Designers are skilled at creating rugs, tiles, and shapes that resemble abstract art for the floor,

so if you want the floor to be the main canvas of the room, these make a strong statement.

Hold back on other intricate designs if going down this route – interlaced structures, Bridget

and bold stripes as well as edgy nebulous graphics can hold an interior on its own.


Patterned rugs are making a comeback

Until recent times, rugs were mostly plain, neutral, and reserved for the bedroom, but bold

patterned rugs are making a comeback and are making their way into the lounge room and

dining room as well. Patterned rug designs, on the other hand, are similar to incorporating a

work of art into a room and setting a high aesthetic tone. Consider the floor to be the main

canvas of the room.

The design schemes should begin from the floor up, with the rug representing the groundwork

for all design choices. Pattern and coloring have been elevated to the foreground to create a


An extensively patterned layout is a bold choice, but if you adore it, go for it! It will handle

room refurbishments for years to come because you can choose different colors and design

features to carry through to the overall scheme.

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