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The season of the woollen carpet is here!

The much-awaited winter season is here. It is considered the best season to enjoy a cuppa hot chocolate and a warm rug under the feet. As the chilly winter sets in, it is also important to make your home winter-ready to create a warm surrounding to enjoy house parties and festivals. Creating a warm and comfortable environment in a living room is vital to make guests feel comfortable. Furthermore, to do that, nothing is as important as the woolen rug or carpet. Modern woolen rugs come in a variety of shades, styles, designs, and patterns to not only enhance the warmth factor but decor statement too.

Why use woolen carpets/ rugs in winter?

Winter woolen carpets add warmth and elegance to your space. Besides these, woolen carpets and rug possesses numerous properties:

  • Wool is a natural insulator. It has heat-holding attributes that trap the air inside the rug and help to stabilize the room temperature.

  • Wool has a water-resistant property that soaks the cold breeze and keeps oodles of charm to your decor.

  • It is a non-allergic fiber. It repels all bacteria and creates an easy living for people suffering from chronic illnesses like breathing issues or allergies.

  • Most of all, wool is known for its sustainability, durability, and solid performance (washable and stain-resistant ).

You can buy a variety of carpets of different materials such as yarn, nylon, polyester, acrylic, wool, and blends. These are available in various shapes and sizes. During winter, wool carpets and rugs are the best options because of their natural insulation and the fact that they are handcrafted with the finest wool.

When it comes to woolen carpets, PuraVida's line of carpets and rugs offers the best options. Here are just a few of the options that will make your winters merry and cozy:

Heaven flurry woolen carpets

These carpets from PuraVida are high-quality carpets that fill the space with their natural warm vibe. As the name, this heaven flurry adds a celestial creative touch to the home decor. Shop for your room decor the heaven-flurry carpet from here

Perfect symmetry wool carpets

Perfect symmetry wool carpets give a simple interior a captivating look with their design and patterns. These pieces create a valuable addition to the aesthetics of any space. Buy these zig-zag designs and multi-colors patterns which brighten the space with its perfect makeover.

Natural wool carpets

They are in contrast with your chic interiors and also sync with the printed curtains. They are luxe pieces that transform your space with simplicity by adding an earthy combination to your space with its colors (grey, white, cream, black) and giving a natural vibe to your home. Buy your natural and simplistic rug or carpet from here.

Forever wool carpets

Want to flick your basic room into a classy look? These forever wool carpets help you attain that. PuraVida's "forever wool" carpet collection is made with wool obtained from New Zealand, offering effortless style to any space with its soft knots and designs. Buy our forever wool collection from here

Loft Loops Wool Carpets

Loft loops carpets are perfect for covering your office or living space with extra warmth. During the winters, these carpets will entice you to sneak a snuggle on it. The carpets are thick and hand-woven by the weavers of Bikaner. You can check out the variety over here.

Wonder wool carpets

These wonder carpets give a soothing royal look and a calm vibe that syncs with the simplicity of the rugs. They are hand-woven and have all the features one can ask for while investing in woolen rugs. The varying hues and patterns add to the appeal of these carpets. Buy wonder woolen carpets from PuraVida’s collection from here.

Woolen carpets are, without a doubt, the best choice during the harsh winter months. It is also important to know how to choose the best carpet for your home. Colors and design patterns can contribute to the comfort and ambiance of your home. Be sure to choose carpet colors that add aesthetic value to your home.

We hope you will use our information to select the best woolen carpet for your home this winter. Happy Winters!

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