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Rugs and Carpets- How are they different!

Almost all of us have used carpets and rugs in our homes or have seen them in office settings, or in any other commercial or domestic setting. While most of us love handwoven carpets and rugs but if asked to explain the difference we are left in a confused state. Basically, a rug is a woven fabric that covers a specific area of the floor. Whereas a carpet is carpeting that extends wall-to-wall or that is fixed to the floor; a rug differs from a carpet in a number of ways.

The main difference between a rug and a carpet seems to be movability. What we call carpet is a floor covering that stretches from wall to wall and is affixed to the floor. Rugs, on the other hand, tend to be smaller than the square footage of the room (by a lot or a little) and are not affixed to the floor. They can be rolled up and moved from place to place.

A rug is "a piece of thick heavy fabric that typically has a pile or nap and is utilized as a floor covering," while a carpet is characterized as "a heavy regularly tufted fabric utilized as a floor covering" and "a surface or layer resembling or proposing a carpet."

The next difference is of course the size. Usually, rugs measure up to 2- 4 meters in length, whereas carpets take up the entire space and are generally attached to the floor.

Luckily for you, Puravida provides a whole range of handwoven rugs and carpets in customizable sizes and exquisite design that has an aesthetic allure for any space. You can customize your rugs and carpets on our website to fit your exact need. Customization has the following benefits:

Fit and size

A customized handmade rug fits around the exact width, length, and shape of your room. It is also a good idea to bring a rug into a room that complements the furniture and décor already in the room. This will look not only attractive but also cohesive and neat.

Specialized for weather

A custom rug is designed for a particular climate. As a result, you will be able to select the ideal thermal resistance (R-value) for your new rug. If you live in a cold climate, you should select a material with a higher R-value. In warmer climates, you can choose a material with a lower R-value.


It's a myth that customized items are expensive. A good rug can be found at a great price when you source it from the right manufacturer. In addition, handwoven woolen carpets and rugs keep your home warm. This reduces your energy bills considerably.

Aesthetic- Customizes rooms to suit your style

A customized rug can transform any room, altering its mood and appearance effortlessly. The product is a complete multi-tasker, concealing imperfections while improving the appearance of your space. If your room has dark hardwood or laminate flooring, you can throw in a runner rug or patterned rug to create the illusion of light and space. Again, if your hall has dark furniture and walls, place a large rug in light colors

Feel- Texture and softness

Rugs provide a comfortable, luxuriant surface for walking on. They are ideal for delineating sections, matching an existing scheme, providing an accent, or tying in current hues. Additionally, you can select a design for each season, such as winter, summer, or spring design. Consider graphic design or rustic patterns, which can be accented with a soft tint on the walls or a print on the curtains and home textiles.

Puravida is ecstatic to provide customers with a wide range of customizable rugs and carpets for your dream house and space. The best part is you could own our luxurious pieces of art right from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world. Listed below are a few options for your happy online carpet and rug shopping spree:

Heaven flurry woolen carpets and rugs

These carpets from PuraVida are high-quality carpets that fill the space with their natural warm vibe. As the name, this heaven flurry adds a celestial creative touch to the home decor. Shop for your room decor the heaven-flurry carpet from here

Natural wool carpets and rugs

They are in contrast with your chic interiors and also sync with the printed curtains. They are luxe pieces that transform your space with simplicity by adding an earthy combination to your space with its colors (grey, white, cream, black) and giving a natural vibe to your home. Buy your natural and simplistic rug or carpet from here.

Loft Loops Wool Carpets and Rugs

Loft loops carpets are perfect for covering your office or living space with extra warmth. During the winters, these carpets will entice you to sneak a snuggle on them. The carpets are thick and hand-woven by the weavers of Bikaner. You can check out the variety over here.

Happy Shopping!

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