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Love everything vintage? Add woollen rugs to your decor

There is something about the good old things that never loses its appeal. An old grandfather clock, a rustic cupboard or even a nicely woven rug transport us to the world of nostalgia. With winter just around the corner, a classical makeover to a space can boost the appeal of a space. All it takes is a few minor tweaks and you could revel in the old-fashioned look for your home. These makeovers and remodeling ideas with the help of bygone accessories are all inspired by modern-day design practices.

You can give any space the old-school feel with the following vintage and modern fusion accessories:

  • Rustic grandfather clock

  • Colonial period table (centre and dining)

  • Jhoola ( preferably indoors)

  • Period chandeliers/ jhumar

  • Rocking chair

  • and the most important of it all is - Weaved Woolen Rugs

One of the simplest and sure-shot ways to transform your space with vintage charm is woolen rugs. A rug for the room is like an accessory for an outfit. A finely crafted knotted rug is a testament to your elegant design taste. Such rugs can take months to complete, depending on the carpet's size, design, and pattern. Choose a woolen rug pattern that compliments your classic design space and adds character to your vintage decor.

Pure Vida offers 100% handcrafted woolen rugs with an array of patterns and designs that can liven up space in any style. Our craft is rooted in tradition, and designs are dipped in modern-day's sense and sensibility, which fits like a glove with varied decor themes.

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