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#Diwalidecor- Decor ideas using 100% hand-woven carpets

Most exciting time for every Indian household is here. With the onset of Navratri's the festivities begin and like every year it's time to give our homes a new touch. Houses that are well-decorated lend oomph to celebrations. Though Diwali is known for its lights, there are many other simple yet lovely ways to commemorate the day. It's that time of year when we clean every inch of our house to give it a fresh, festive look.

To breathe new life into your home, try new bed linens, cushions, furniture coverings, floor carpets, and curtains. Get creative with the decoration. One easy tip to revamp the old look is - Changing your rug, for example, can make a significant difference. Carpets may instantly refresh a room and serve as area boundaries. Dhurries can also be used as an alternative.

This festive season, we're bringing the beauty of Bikaner straight from the factory to your house, thanks to our collaboration with local artists who have been handcrafting carpets since their forefathers' time. Who better to weave the carpets than the masters of their respective arts? To keep up with the times, the united energy of young and old, yarn professionals, and contemporary designers have come together to deliver you the best for your modern dwellings. Bikaner is the wool capital of the world, with the city producing 80 percent of all wool yarn.

Its time to revamp your homes with Puravida carpets. #diwalidecor

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