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5 reasons why woolen carpets and rugs make the Best Gifts

We all are looking forward to the winter holidays after two years of unprecedented change and instability, especially with all the traditions, rituals, and comfort food they bring. Those festivities also mean you have already been spending time with family, maybe catching up with a distant cousin or two, sipping mulled wine, and preparing to participate in a family-wide gift exchange. We have you covered for a fantastic gift idea for your entire family to enjoy together- 100% handcrafted woollen carpets and rugs.

Wool carpets are turned from sheep's wool, then turned into yarn. They are well known for their hypoallergenic, eco-friendly aspects and are naturally fire-resistant and tough. This Christmas, give someone you care about a handwoven woollen rug or a carpet to add classic warmth and charm to their home decor.

Is Wool the Best Type of Carpet for You?

Woolen carpets and rugs are both comfortable and practical. They have some amazing properties which make them irresistible to any home decor. These are the reasons-

Reason 1: Because the material is stain-resistance, the wool carpet will generally be easier to keep up with than synthetic fibers. It also tends to be more colorfast, with the carpet's wear being more even.

Reason 2: The normal softness of wool is something that any manufactured fiber can't mirror. It gives a lavish look and feels to any room.

Reason 3: While a nylon floor covering would liquefy and radiate harmful exhaust if it was exposed to heat or fire, the wool carpet will single and normally self-extinguish.

Reason 4: Wool is eco-friendly because it is a characteristic fiber and a renewable resource. It is also durable, producing less waste.

Reason 5: Wool is the most sturdy carpeting choice. Even though it is more costly than synthetic fiber/nylon carpets, the worth that it adds to your home – in addition to the way that it will outlive any nylon cover; really makes it a superb choice for your budget!

When it comes to handwoven woolen carpets, PuraVida's line of carpets and rugs offers the best options. Here are just a few of the options that will make your winters merry and cozy:

The patterns and design of symmetry wool carpets give a simple interior a captivating look. As a result, these pieces add great aesthetic value to any interior space. Buy these zig-zag designs and multi-colors patterns, which brighten the space with its perfect makeover.

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