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Epoch collection symbolizes the hand-knotted and hand-tufted crafts of India chronologically woven @PuraVidaCarpets by the families of artisans and weavers. The talent has grown just like the way interiors & homes have evolved across the world.The handmade weaves are carefully crafted to make the exclusive art-pieces in your homes, the carpet glory is developed by generations of floor maestros who have a rural story etched to the modern and scandinavian styled carpet in your living rooms or the rugs endowing your bedroom.

Modern Day

The modern-day collection is for the young generations who prefer color and somberness in combined forms or those who prefer to have shades of both in their homes. The combined energies of both young & old, the yarn specialists and the designer of today come together to bring out the best for your modern homes.Be it the beautifully lit guest rooms, the windowed & sunny living rooms or the colorful kid rooms, we have a perfect floor fit with us.
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