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Modern designs with traditional methods

As we step ahead in times, we are continuously upgrading our designs and giving it a modern approach but not compromising our roots. We are still traditional in the making of carpets, as they are 100% hand-crafted but the designs are no doubt matching up the modern space and demands. The carpet glory is developed by generations of floor maestros who have a rural story etched to the modern and Scandinavian styled carpet in your living rooms or the rugs endowing your bedroom with contemporary world class patterns.

We are in the heartland of wool – Bikaner

When we say traditional, we don’t just say it but we really do belong to the heartland of wool the city of Asia’s largest wool yarn production Bikaner. We don’t just belong to Bikaner but we bring the beauty of Bikaner right from the factory to your home, as we work with local artisans who are in the business of Hand crafting carpets since the times of their fore fathers. Who else can weave the carpets better than the masters in arts themselves. Moving with the contemporary times, the combined energies of young and old, yarn specialists and contemporary designers come together to bring out the best for your modern homes. Bikaner is the heartland of wool, with 80% wool yarn production happening in Bikaner itself.
We have the perfect floor for you, whether it’s the beautifully lit guest rooms, the windowed & sunny living rooms, or the colorful kid rooms.
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