• Wedding Gift Card

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    Our E- Gift Cards are an ideal expression of love to make heart to heart connections and bless the living spaces of people who matter to you, with handcrafted pieces of art. Simply select from our eclectic collection of rugs in contemporary to transitional designs and offer unmatched craftsmanship to your loved ones.

    500 5,000
  • Wheel-o-whirl

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    There’s something that fascinating about spinning wheels – yes the one that allows a faster and more efficient spinning experience. We have seen them in numerous Bollywood movies, the fork lores and Indian documentaries. The tradition is century old. It’s like weaving that spreads magic. And with our wheel-o-whirl collection we intend to bring that magic to your home space.

    2,340 54,600
  • Window Strings

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    Explore a range of wall-hangings handmade and hand knit to keep your interiors sombre and stylish at the same time. Customization of colors it available on bulk orders.

  • Wonder Wool

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    Relaxed, easy vibe, rich feel – this is all that our spaces need! Isn’t it? But with a lot of options available around us, we may not end up finding just the right one for our space. Although with this premium collection, the chances of getting lost are minimal. Let your space find the right fiber. The right proportions of viscose mix matched with wool fibers and their higher-than-average durability makes them a practical and favorite choice. This collection is made of sustainable materials to ensure that while enjoying your new rug you can rest easy knowing that you’ve also helped the earth.

    2,550 76,500
  • Yellow Floor

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    Dhurrie Rugs – colorful and vibrant for the summers of India. Easy to care and manage – the range is a seasonal offering designed and developed in different colors and designs. Explore the range of colors & sizes for Summer 2019.

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