• Evergreens

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    Want to enhance the beauty of your space? Look no beyond. This Evergreens collection blends into your natural settling beautifully. The collection enlivens the one pattern that fits all and adds a different beauty to a space. You can pick from all urbane & natural pastel colors that will match your curtains, furnishings and will liven up your surroundings completely.

    3,150 94,500
  • Globulars

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    Make your hardwood floors feel cozy with the soft and luxurious feel of an area rug, or accent dull carpet with fresh new loopy weave patterns giving the wool a checkered look and feel. This collection utilizes the perfect mix of grays- black and brown woven in linear patterns in calm earthy tonal blends thereby allowing you to push your decorating choices to the limit.

    2,550 59,500