Rugs Care

Points to be careful for Carpet Care and Carpet Cleaning:

1. Light Vacuum clean regularly. Avoid using beater brush on rugs.
2. In case of removing stains blot any liquid and use a soft cloth piece preferably white should be used to clean the carpet stains.
3. Never pull the loose ends of threads. Trim them carefully with scissors.
4. Rugs should be kept at a careful distance from hot objects, fireplaces and even places with high moisture.
5. Don’t worry about the shedding of fibers in initial weeks of cleaning. This is normal and will decrease with time.
6. Direct exposure to sunlight leads to some fading in color for the rugs and carpets. To preserve it for a longer period timely rotation is advised.
7. Always store the rug in clean and dry place preferably with good ventilation.
8. Folding a carpet is not advised. Roll the carpet and keep it.

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