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Why prefer wool carpets? Bring home 100% hand crafted woolen carpets

There are several materials to consider when purchasing a new carpet. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose wool carpets over synthetic carpet.

Things you need to consider while buying woollen carpets online:

Benefits of wool carpets:

  • Wool degrades easily in soil, producing essential plant nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Wool piles will decompose even in a landfill, leaving no harmful residues.

  • Wool is energy efficient because it is made from completely renewable and natural resources such as water, sun, and grass, and it requires far less energy to produce than synthetic fibers.

  • Wool is the most forgiving and simple to clean and maintain fiber. It does not attract lint, making vacuuming easier, and when wet, the fibers swell and release dirt particles.

  • Wool naturally improves the quality of indoor air. It keeps relative humidity stable by absorbing or releasing moisture during periods of high or low atmospheric humidity.

  • Wool carpets are naturally resistant to crushing. Its fiber is naturally curly, so when crushed, it bounces back into shape.

  • Wool is a naturally safe material. It is well-known for its high moisture and protein content, which makes it difficult to ignite and has low flame spread and heat release properties.

  • Wool carpets are free of allergens. It does not encourage the growth of dust mites or bacteria, nor does it emit harmful emissions.

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