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Which is best for you: A high pile rug or a low pile rug?

Choosing the right rug for your home can be a difficult task! It entails much more than simply selecting something that 'looks beautiful' or 'feels good.' The height and density of a rug's pile can significantly change the look and feel of a room.

So, it is normal to be confused while shopping for rugs. Rugs must be more than just color and texture; you must also consider softness, cleaning, quality, guarantees, and various other factors. There are limitless alternatives, whether a home requires functional rugs to give warmth during the winters or plenty of contemporary rugs to add a splash of color.

Therefore, in today's blog, we will address one of your questions- how to choose from a high and low pile rug. We have attempted to make this decision easier for you.

Let's start with a definition of a rug pile, how a high and low pile rug differs, and, ultimately, which one you should choose and which is best for you!

What is a Rug Pile?

Rug pile refers to the standard and measured size of a rug as well as the density of the rug fibers. The pile difference indicates a variation in density and measures. Based on this distinction, rugs are classified as:

  • low pile

  • medium pile

  • high pile

An array of fibers can be used to make rugs, including natural, synthetic, and/ or both. The pile of the rug, despite its fiber type, color, or texture, serves a significant purpose. Although a high pile is trendy, it may not necessarily be the greatest decision for your home.

Let's look at the main distinctions between the high pile and low pile rugs to help you decide. If you check your rug closely, you will find the fabric loops that make up the rug; this is what we usually refer to as a rug pile.

Difference between a rug with a High and a Low Pile

  • A high pile rug, such as a luxury carpet or a shaggy rug, contains long and loose fiber. PuraVida's high pile rugs are manufactured entirely of wool. It is a long-lasting, stain-resistant, and allergy-free material; synthetic fabrics may be better suited to areas such as the bathroom or outdoors.

  • On the other hand, low pile rugs are woven of shorter strands and have tighter fabric loops. Saxony carpets and flat-weave rugs are two types of low pile rugs. Interestingly, low pile rugs are the primary choice for decorating homes, offices, and even hotels. Indeed, the appropriate style of rug can dramatically improve the appearance of a space while also increasing the level of comfort it gives.

Who should get a rug with a High Pile?

If you are looking for warmth and coziness, a high pile carpet is the way to go. They are so smooth and luxurious that they make you feel like you are stepping upon a cushion! Because of this, all high pile rugs are best suited to homes with large families and small children. In most of these houses, comfort takes priority over style or design.

High pile rugs are an excellent choice for choosing something luxurious and pleasant to walk on, something that delivers a gentle, calming feeling.

Choose a rectangular high-pile rug or a round-shaped rug for a deep, drastic, and relaxing touch based on the area and space. If you do not want to explore too much, consider a more adaptable rug that works well in high-density areas.

Who should get a rug with a low pile?

Low pile rugs do not offer a similar level of comfort as high pile carpets, but they compensate for it with superior performance in other areas!

Low Pile rugs are cheaper, simple, and require little maintenance compared to high pile rugs.

While high pile rugs are not ideal for allergy sufferers, low pile rugs can be a wonderful alternative! Since this type of rug is free of toxins, it has a low risk of causing an allergic reaction. You do not have to sneeze your way out of the day to achieve your favorite interior decorating choice!

Low pile rugs require the least amount of maintenance. This rug is for you if you are as busy! Low pile rugs are ideal for those who do not have time to clean their homes because they require little maintenance. Low pile rugs with short strands and loops are less likely to attract stains, dust, and filth. Even if they do, it simply takes a few minutes to clean them!

A wool rug is a trendy option among low pile rugs, and they go well in any room. Wool rugs offer any area an organic feel, and they never go out of style.

Which pile of Rugs is the best: the High or Low?

Both high and low pile rugs have their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Low Pile Rugs

  • The low pile choice is easy, cheap, takes less care, and offers more pattern and color options.

  • It gives any area a more natural feel when added to it. Cleaning them takes absolutely no effort and dealing with low pile rugs is very simple if you constantly relocate or change the look of your space.

  • When it comes to durability, low pile rugs are extremely durable, despite their lower cost.

  • The low pile is the appropriate choice for anyone looking for interior design on a budget, with better durability and less maintenance.

High Pile Rugs

  • High pile rugs are ideal for those who have a large family and want extra warmth and comfort in their home.

  • In shared rooms, they appear welcoming, letting everyone in the family enjoy the long fibers and fabric loops by touching, walking, or resting on them.

  • On the other hand, these rugs are more expensive and require more attention and care than their low-pile counterparts require.

  • Overall, high pile carpets are appropriate for people who have a decent budget and a desire to live a rich lifestyle.

The right rug provides both Aesthetic and Comfort

Purchasing a rug is an investment that will enhance the visual appeal of your entire home. When you add it to a room, it instantly transforms its appearance. Depending on your choices, they can either blend beautifully or make a room dull and monotonous. So choose high pile or low pile rugs that don't compromise the aesthetic of a space and also offer optimal comfort.

We hope you found this guide to be useful in your decision-making process. If you need even more rug ideas, visit PuraVida at - Happy shopping and may the best rug win a spot in your beloved house.

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