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Tale of hand-woven carpets

Have you ever stood on top of a mountain and felt as if the universe was calling your name and it was echoing all around you? Isn't it an incredible feeling? This experience evokes emotions in you and makes you happy. PuraVida carpets inspire emotion in the same way. When our craftsmen, artists, designers, weavers, and all those involved in the making of a carpet first begin to design one, they make a covenant. With every effort they make, they bring the carpet to life and make it look enticing and beautiful. When it's finished, this carpet will have touched millions of people's hearts and will eventually make its way to someone's home.

Wool is the most commonly used carpeting material. It goes through a number of processes to obtain the desired yarn. To begin, the wool is carefully sorted and cleaned, removing unwanted particles such as dust and grease. After that, it is thoroughly washed and sun-dried. The wool is then spun by hand, which is a time-consuming process but necessary for producing high-quality yarn. A fine hand-knotted carpet can take months to complete depending on the size, design, and pattern of the carpet. A Hand-knotted Rug is made from the finest wool.

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