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Soothing Rug hues to bring home this Summer

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Summers are here, and it is the season of white, teal, and blue. The summer season is a big relief to those who do not like winters that much and it is time to wrap up all the winter clothes. You may have already packed them up in a closet, but have you considered the woollen rugs and carpets you have placed throughout your home to keep it warm? Why not swap them out for something lighter and more colourful to keep your home cool in the summer?

Seasonal home renovation is a gorgeous chance to rejuvenate a place, and rugs are a crucial factor to consider when you are ready to make such a change. Summer provides a sense of brightness to the decor, which means warmth can remain, but not of the dull variety.

Here are five different types of summer floor rugs to add to your decor board right now!

Vibrant orange rugs:

The orange colour is usually associated with joy and happiness. It is the colour that gives liveliness to the environment. This summer, add this vibrant colour to your home in the form of a rug to show off your mood and creative side. The colour orange aids in the strengthening of your mood. The orange rug will undoubtedly make a statement, and it is not just for the summer. Use it with a neutral or white decor for a more stunning effect. This colour goes well with a wide range of interior styles. You are free to keep it for as long as you like.

Pro- recommendation: Puravida Orange Bar

This confluence of blue and orange is perfect to bring summer vibes to any space. You can buy it here.

Blue rugs:

Are you stressed or exhausted? Then the blue colour is the best for you. This lighter hue of blue has a relaxing effect and decreases blood pressure by slowing down breathing. The carpets in this hue come in a wide range of styles. From Ancient rugs to modern and contemporary rugs, we will have it all. Bring an aqua blue rug home with you; it will look great in your white or light grey décor. Experiment with different combinations. You can check some blue coloured rugs and carpets here.

Tropical Pink rugs:

Pink is a colour associated with compassion, love, caring, and nurturing. It provides a soothing impact on the body. As a result, you can put it in your bedroom or another space where you relax frequently. Tropical pink, which is generally associated with children, has a calming effect and, like blue, can be found in a variety of rugs. Although classic Persian and oriental rugs are dark in colour, a pale pink rug is a good choice if you want something classic. Otherwise, there will be a wide range of contemporary and trendy rugs to choose from.

Refreshing Lime rugs:

Use this colourful area rug in your living room or in your children's playroom. While the colour green creates a sense of tranquillity, the colour lime evokes a sense of energizing vitality. This hue is not advised for bedrooms since it has more yellow than green, which is stimulating and hence inappropriate for a relaxing space. This hue can be used with both neutral and bold colours, although it will not work in a traditional setting. Still, if you want to give it a shot, have a custom-made traditional rug manufactured and see how it looks. It is all about your choices, after all. If lime is too bold for you then you can always try green ones.

Pro- recommendation: Puravida’s Evergreen

The soothing green is perfect for your bedroom space. FYI, there are more colours to choose from and customisation options to fit your exact need. You can check it here.

Nature-Inspired Neutrals rugs:

When you want a neutral impression, these colours are absolutely ideal. These colours work well as a background in general. Rather than purchasing a single rug, try to layer them. You can use a neutral solid colour carpet across the room or combine your furniture with a wide neutral rug before adding a different rug in the area where you want to focus your space. This way, you can play around with the colours on top while still getting the relaxing effect. In any case, these rugs can be used as stand-alone rugs.

Cobalt blue rugs:

This is a cool hue, so it is perfect for summer, but you will need to pair it with other colours to keep the energy up. If you have a non-traditional home, you can combine teal, orange, and yellow in your furnishings and add a cobalt blue rug to tie everything together or use it with white. If you have a classically designed interior, a golden yellow décor with a cobalt rug will undoubtedly talk about your elegance. Click here to buy.

Cream / White Rugs:

A cream or white rug is always a good choice. They will not only add a pure and peaceful aura to the area, but they will also blend in with any colour palette. Natural-toned carpets are available in a variety of styles, ranging from plain and shaggy to sophisticated and patterned. Cream rugs give elegance and on-trend classic charm to any room, giving fresh and relaxing energy while also adding elegance and on-trend classic charm. If you are looking to brighten up a dark space or make a tiny space appear larger, select a palette of cream, white, or ivory.

Pro- recommendation: Puravida’s Naturals

Naturals is a unique blend of natural and dyed yarns woven into lovely designs and earthy colours that are inspired by nature. You can bring home this beauty by clicking here.

Whatever colour or type it is, the rug should make a change to your décor that totally redefines its aura. At PuraVida, we strive to provide the highest quality rugs with cutting-edge elegance and patterns. Come, take a look around, and join us on our colourful adventure this summer season!

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